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Giving your home some space to breathe

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Born and raised in a small apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I've always been interested in the idea of how to find better solutions to maximize the space that I lived in. I realized early in my life that I was able to think more clearly in a tidy environment. Later I came to understand that most people react the same way. Through my experience I have been able to help people organize their living space and by extension their lives. 


My goal is to give you peace of mind while helping you sustain a functional and enjoyable home. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve clients in all areas of the lower mainland, and through my work have made lasting friendships. I truly look forward to making a difference in your home. 

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Sabrina, North Vancouver

Amanda Staged our entire home, optimizing every corner and brightening it up with accents and decor.  She is creative, innovative, attuned to current trends, while being respectful of our comfort level. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


Kirsten, Port Coquitlam

Would not recommend anyone else for this job! Amanda completely changed my life having come to my house.

Adebusola, Abbotsford

Amanda was patient, explained the process, worked with the budget available and delivered a wonderful job in my kitchen. My whole family was "wowed" at the transformation.

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